Staron Table Tops



Staron Acrylic Table Tops and Bench Tops and Staron Solid Surfaces is created by technology leader Samsung, and is comprised of a natural and pure mineral derived from bauxite ore and blended with an advanced pure acrylic resin, resulting in the world's premium surface material. Staron Solid Surface is suitable for endless applications. With a seamless finish and a range of over 80 colours to select from, Staron is both aesthetically and functionally pleasing. Non-porous in nature, no stain can penetrate into the surface of the material - providing a durable surface that is easy to maintain. Staron can be totally seamless, and is joined with a special Staron adhesive and sanded - this creates long and wide continuing surfaces with no open joints. Staron is renewable, meaning that after years of use it can be sanded to be restored back to its original condition. Staron can be formed and moulded into any shape or design imaginable. It can be sculpted to fit around curves or be carved into logos, designs or sculptures. Staron can be inlaid, creating a blend of colours into one piece. The flexability of Staron extends to limitless edge profiles; drop down edges, and splash backs. All this comes in an environmentally sustainable material, with a 10 Year Warranty by Samsung. Staron Solid Surfaces provides a design solution that pushes the boundaries of design.

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Indoor / Outdoor

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10 Year

Fabrics/ Finishes/ Colours

  • Aspen Chemise

  • Aspen Glow

  • Aspen Lily

  • Aspen Milk

  • Aspen Putty

  • Aspen Stucco

  • Aspen Brown

  • Aspen Dew

  • Aspen Fiesta

  • Aspen Glacier

  • Aspen Gold Rush

  • Aspen Mine

  • Aspen Pepper

  • Aspen Sky

  • Aspen Snow

  • Breccia Stoneware

  • Bright White

  • California Poppy

  • Cumulus

  • Geranium

  • Ivory

  • Metallic Beach

  • Metallic Cosmos

  • Metallic Galaxy

  • Metallic Yukon

  • Mountain Bluebird

  • Natural

  • Onyx

  • Pearl

  • Pebble Buff

  • Pebble Chocolate

  • Pebble Dark Green

  • Pebble Limestone

  • Pebble Seastar

  • Pebble Beach

  • Pebble Blue

  • Pebble Caper

  • Pebble Coral

  • Pebble Ebony

  • Pebble Frost

  • Pebble Gold

  • Pebble Grey

  • Pebble Ice

  • Pebble Lagoon

  • Pebble Saratoga

  • Pebble Sienna

  • Pebble Straw

  • Pebble Swan

  • Quarry Bluff

  • Quarry Esker

  • Quarry Mesa

  • Quarry Riverbed

  • Quarry Yuma

  • Quaser White

  • Sanded Clay

  • Sanded Heron

  • Sanded Noir

  • Sanded Papyrus

  • Sanded Tundra

  • Sanded Birch

  • Sanded Cream

  • Sanded Dover

  • Sanded Ginger

  • Sanded Gold Dust

  • Sanded Grey

  • Sanded Icicle

  • Sanded Mocha

  • Sanded Onyx

  • Sanded Sahara

  • Sanded Seafoam

  • Sanded Chestnut

  • Steel

  • Sunflower

  • Talus Ash

  • Talus Coral

  • Talus Luna

  • Talus Oyster

  • Talus Sandbar

  • Tempest Blaze

  • Tempest Caraway

  • Tempest Coffee Bean

  • Tempest Confection

  • Tempest Dapple

  • Tempest Gold Leaf

  • Tempest Horizon

  • Tempest Meteor

  • Tempest Milestone

  • Tempest Pinnacle

  • Tempest Radiance

  • Tempest Sandpiper

  • Tempest Sapphire

  • Tempest Shell

  • Tempest Sierra

  • Tempest Sonoma

  • Tempest Tektite

  • Tempest Twilight

  • Tempest Whippoorwill

  • Tempest Zenith

  • Tendril Cucumber

  • Univers


All measurements are in mm

  • Dia 800 x 800
  • H 25mm

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